Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have the power to keep your wits and logic sharp. They are very engaging and at the same time, beneficial as they help you develop those ever-needed problem and puzzle solving skills. Drawing games, on the other hand, give you free reign to your imagination... allowing you to draw your way to victory and to get to the next level depending on the mechanics of the game.

And when you combine the best of these genres, this page is what you get! DrawingGamesOnline.org showcases nothing BUT the very best and most popular drawing based puzzle games in the internet.

Whether you want something as complex as controlling a bouncing ball and getting it to the finish line by drawing ramps and paths, draw and complete tasks NOT with your mouse BUT with your keyboard's directional keys, a game of Tetris with a drawing game twist, a drawing game where you need to guide your character through drawing lines, you are sure to find it here!

Keep your puzzle solving skills and wits sharp, test the steadiness of your drawing hand, and let your imagination take on challenging drawing tasks with the best drawing based puzzle games here at DrawingGamesOnline.org!

Top Puzzle Games

Play Bounce Ball

#1: Bounce Ball


Bounce Ball may seem like a simple game at first, but it's quite complex - the physics aren't the easiest to get the hang of, and the green goal you have to reach is never easy, besides the first level. You'll...

Number of plays: 208,212

Play aMaze

#2: aMaze


Most drawing games you'll play online are sort of difficult to pick up, but aMaze is one drawing game you'll be able to master within seconds. The object of the game is to draw a line from start to finish...

Number of plays: 182,538

Play Touch Red

#3: Touch Red


Touch Red is a simple drawing game where you have to get a smiley face to touch a red square - or, it seems simple, at least. The first level is easy enough - just draw a path to the...

Number of plays: 153,854

Play Eric The Circle (lite)

#4: Eric The Circle (lite)


Eric The Circle (lite) is a drawing game with a twist - in it, you'll not only have to draw, but you'll have to control Eric (the circle) with the arrow keys to traverse objects and reach the exit of...

Number of plays: 134,295

Play Bomboozle

#5: Bomboozle


Bomboozle is a cross between most drawing games and Tetris. In each level, you'll be given a screen of blobs. To get rid of these blobs, and score points, you'll have to draw a line with your mouse and match...

Number of plays: 83,816

Play Ninja Roll 2

#6: Ninja Roll 2


Ninja Roll 2 is a creative and tricky drawing game, one where you'll be restarting some levels every few seconds and working on some levels for almost a few minutes. If you like puzzles, ones where you have to think...

Number of plays: 72,497

Play Crumbled 2

#7: Crumbled 2


Crumbled 2 is a fantastic sequel and fun drawing game consisting of thirty levels and a boss battle. If you think you've got what it takes, this office-themed escapade will prove you wrong with pitfalls, traps, and puzzles. To start, you...

Number of plays: 62,515

Play Magic Pen 2

#8: Magic Pen 2


With this edition showcasing 32 MORE puzzling levels (which are selectable right from the onset and don\'t need to be unlocked), Magic Pen 2 will surely rock your world! Serving as a sequel to Magic Pen, which is an adaptation...

Number of plays: 58,729

Play CircleMaster2-Gravitation

#9: CircleMaster2-Gravitation


CircleMaster2 - Gravitation is an interesting take on drawing games. In it, you'll only have to draw circles, but you'll have to do it at the right time, make sure they're the right size, and make sure that your hero...

Number of plays: 55,235

Play Path to Presents

#10: Path to Presents


Path to Presents is a holiday-themed drawing game where you're controlling Santa. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to rack up as many points as you can while making it to the end of every level. There...

Number of plays: 49,825

Play Draw Play 2

#11: Draw Play 2


Simple premise BUT not so simple game play: that\'s how it goes in most drawing games. And the same thing can be said with Draw Play 2 - a sequel to the popular hit which is of the same name....

Number of plays: 48,288

Play Draw Play 3

#12: Draw Play 3


The follow up to the original and fun Draw Play series - Draw Play 3. The series - 3 games, are some of the best drawing games you could ever lay your hands on. Draw Play 3 has all of...

Number of plays: 41,207

Play onLine

#13: onLine


onLine, as it's called, is a drawing game where you'll have to get to the goal in each level unscathed. To do this, you'll need to use the pencil tool and draw a path from the start area, the yellow...

Number of plays: 39,355

Play Doodle Blast

#14: Doodle Blast


Coming with 15 different levels that are increasing in difficulty, Doodle Blast will surely keep you busy for long hours to come! So what\'s the premise in Doodle Blast? Actually, it\'s very straightforward and simple to understand: there are balls...

Number of plays: 37,772

Play SpaceTrace

#15: SpaceTrace


SpaceTrace is a flash game where you'll have to guess, outline, and try to spell what you see in space. While it may seem almost impossible at first, if you do what the game tells you, you just might be...

Number of plays: 36,597

Play Paint it Red 2

#16: Paint it Red 2


Paint it Red 2 is a great sequel - if you've played the first game, you'll know what you have to do. You're given a blank screen and have to paint it as red as possible. In some levels, the...

Number of plays: 33,261

Play ritris

#17: ritris


Ritris is a welcome change to the gameplay of Tetris - it's a drawing game with a twist that will have you keep playing for quite a while. In it, you'll have a grid at the bottom of the game...

Number of plays: 32,255

Play Line Bounder

#18: Line Bounder


Line Bounder, as it's simply called, is a point-and-click puzzle game where you're pitted against a computer opponent. There are modes to choose from: easy, medium, hard, challenge, and hardcore mode - these range in difficulty and how smart the...

Number of plays: 30,925

Play Colour Bugs

#19: Colour Bugs


Colour Bugs is a hectic, unique type of drawing game. You'll start out with four lives, and it's up to you to try and circle and bottle as many bugs as you can. To put a bug in a bubble,...

Number of plays: 29,929

Play Connect:Time

#20: Connect:Time


Connect: Time is more about speed than anything else - if you take your time, it's not a difficult game to complete at all; it's rather easy. But completing the game is only half the challenge - the real goal...

Number of plays: 28,780

Play Draw Play

#21: Draw Play


A unique drawing game created by Eggy, Draw Play has caught the attention of fans and enthusiasts of drawing games and RIGHTLY so! At first, it seems like it\'s a standard platformer game. HOWEVER, here\'s the catch: you need to...

Number of plays: 28,765

Play Scriball

#22: Scriball


Scriball is an interesting take on the drawing game genre. In it you simply have to guide your yellow ball into the green goal. While the green goal may seem tiny at first, it does expand if you get near...

Number of plays: 27,995

Play Chopix Adventures

#23: Chopix Adventures


Chopix Adventures is a fun game that combines skating, aliens, and drawing. It somehow makes sense, and it's a game you'll enjoy. You'll start on the map - showing ten levels that you have to choose from. You'll have to...

Number of plays: 25,177

Play Orb Sketch

#24: Orb Sketch


Orb Sketch is a puzzle game with some drawing game elements - in it, you'll have to try and keep rows of orbs under control. To get them to disappear, you'll have to connect at least two or more of...

Number of plays: 24,324

Play Sugar, Sugar

#25: Sugar, Sugar


Sugar - it can be called many different names. We have sucrose, lactose, dextrose, fructose, glucose, and what have you. BUT the bottom line, this thing is sweet. It's sugar. I don't know what's with it, BUT without a doubt,...

Number of plays: 22,563

Play Magic Pen

#26: Magic Pen


Magic Pen is a drawing game with physics game elements. Magic Pen features colorful graphics, simple controls, and twenty-six charming levels. The objective of Magic Pen is to get the red ball to reach the red flag in each level. In...

Number of plays: 21,961

Play Rollercoaster Creator 2

#27: Rollercoaster Creator 2


Rollercoaster Creator 2 is a delightful drawing game that allows you to create your own roller coasters! Rollercoaster 2 is the sequel to the first Rollercoaster Creator. This iteration of the drawing game features improved drawing tools, better visuals, smoother...

Number of plays: 21,255

Play Scribble

#28: Scribble


Scribble is a colorful and artistic drawing game. This puzzle game features a variety of challenges and hazards, cute graphics and sound effects, and amazing animation. The objective of Scribble is guide a certain number of adorable but dimwitted ink creatures...

Number of plays: 18,629

Play Incredibots

#29: Incredibots


Drawing games and physics based webtoys - if you are a huge fan of the downloadable sandbox builder like Phun, Line Rider, and Fantastic Corporation, then you will surely love Incredibots. Just like the games I have mentioned, you are...

Number of plays: 18,577

Play InkWell

#30: InkWell


InkWell is a drawing game that is simple to control, but difficult to master. This drawing game features simple graphics and potentially infinite gameplay! The objective of InkWell is to score as high as possible. In order to score in this...

Number of plays: 18,457

Play Pixus

#31: Pixus


Pixus is an interesting take on the drawing game genre. You'll start each level with a picture in front of you, and you'll have to destroy it as fast as possible. Some pictures only have a few different colors, while...

Number of plays: 18,184

Play Little Spider

#32: Little Spider


Little Spider is a drawing game featuring cute graphics and simple controls. This version of Little Spider only features the first eighteen levels of the game, but these should be enough to keep most players entertained. The objective of Little Spider...

Number of plays: 17,194

Play Orbol

#33: Orbol


Orbol is a drawing game that can be frustrating if you're not patient. Orbol, whom you guide, is a trying to reach the goal in every level (the spinning, round object). To help him, you can draw lines that he'll...

Number of plays: 16,894

Play Line Ball

#34: Line Ball


Line Ball is a drawing game by the popular Flash game designer, Emanuele Feronato. This puzzle game features elegant graphics, soothing background music, and forty-eight levels. The objective of Line Ball is to draw lines so that the ball will reach...

Number of plays: 16,219

Play Scribble States

#35: Scribble States


Scribble States is a drawing game that is excellent for students learning about the geography of the United States. This drawing game features fun banjo background music, simple controls, and customizable difficulty. Scribble States plays like a hybrid of activity book...

Number of plays: 15,087

Play Way of an Idea

#36: Way of an Idea


Sir Isaac Newton supposedly came up with his gravity after being hit on the head with an apple (or so the story goes). Way of an Idea is a puzzle game based upon this myth. This drawing game features simple...

Number of plays: 14,800

Play Saucer Panic

#37: Saucer Panic


Saucer Panic is game that starts out easy enough, but quickly escalates into a panic-driven drawing game. The basic premise is that you have one landing pad on the planet in the middle of the screen, and an alien saucer...

Number of plays: 14,630

Play Way of an Idea 2

#38: Way of an Idea 2


Way of an Idea 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Way of an Idea. This drawing game features similar gameplay and controls along with thirty-three new levels to complete. The objective of Way of an Idea 2 is to...

Number of plays: 14,604

Play Clone Chaos

#39: Clone Chaos


Clone Chaos is an addicting and colorful drawing game. This drawing game features simple controls, fitting music, and expansive gameplay. The objective of Clone Chaos is to obtain as high of a score as you can before the game ends. There...

Number of plays: 14,427

Play Dupligon

#40: Dupligon


If you think you are the best polygon drawer in this side of the planet (or should I say this side of the internet?), then this challenge will put your skills to the test. A short BUT sweet brain teasing...

Number of plays: 13,914

Play Linx

#41: Linx


Linx is a hybrid of puzzle game and drawing game. This puzzle game features 8-bit music, sprite graphics, and forty challenging levels! The objective of Linx is to solve each puzzle by drawing paths that link together. Some levels of this...

Number of plays: 13,097

Play Valo

#42: Valo


Valo is a straightforward drawing game that is great for casual gamers. Valo features simple graphics, soothing music, and gameplay that is simple but addictive. The objective of Valo is to collect all blue squares on a stage to advance to...

Number of plays: 12,449

Play Draw Bounce

#43: Draw Bounce


Draw Bounce is a simple drawing game developed by Flash guru Emanuele Feronato. This drawing game features simple graphics, a variety of powerups, and fifty stages. The objective of Draw Bounce is to guide your orange ball to the goal (represented...

Number of plays: 12,428

Play Paths 2

#44: Paths 2


Paths 2 is the sequel to the drawing game, Paths. This puzzle game features improved graphics, a more user-friendly interface, and more complex puzzles. The objective of Paths 2 is to get the ball to the star by drawing a path...

Number of plays: 11,938

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