Painting Games

So your child is showing some promise in painting and drawing? Want to help hone painting skills in a no pressure and fun environment? If that's the case, then you will love the online painting games on!

RIGHT here, you will find the most colorful, kid friendly, and fun painting games that will help your child's drawing and artistic skills step up to the next level. Want to start at the very beginning where your child would be taught how to draw shapes using outlines? What about stepping it up to the next level and having your child draw pictures completely on their own?

What about just giving your child's imagination free reign and let him draw what he wants and what comes to his mind? Or maybe you want to go for something that's EXTRA challenging - a game where you will draw a picture in the dark?

As long as you are looking for drawing and painting games that are educational and helps develop your child's imagination and visualization skills, has it all for you. Check out our games and have fun!

Top Painting Games

Play Sketch2

#1: Sketch2


Sequel to the original Sketch, Sketch2 takes the concept of the first game and makes it much more complex. Instead of just tracing the outline of a shape, you'll be completely drawing pictures in this game. And though it may seem...

Number of plays: 425,923

Play SketchAMatch

#2: SketchAMatch


There are drawing games where you'll have to draw a path for a character to follow, or maybe draw a line to repel some kind of an attack, but there are also drawing games like SketchAMatch - where you'll only...

Number of plays: 230,121

Play Imagine Artist

#3: Imagine Artist


Imagine Artist is a kids' drawing game with two modes. In freeplay mode, you'll be able to draw and fill in a landscape as you please. There are four to choose from, of varying environments, and you'll be able to...

Number of plays: 162,579

Play Draw in the Dark

#4: Draw in the Dark


Draw in the Dark is a simple game with once picture to trace - at least, that's what you think when you start playing. The game starts with the lights on, but suddenly, they're off, and it's up to you...

Number of plays: 148,661

Play Sketch A Match 2

#5: Sketch A Match 2


In this sequel to the game SketchAMatch, you'll be given an additional level and a whole lot more sketches to copy - use your skill and patience to get a high score, but keep an eye on your ink levels...

Number of plays: 124,956

Play Sketch

#6: Sketch


Sketch is a simple drawing game where you'll copy a picture the game gives you. There are three different categories to choose from - Abstract, where you'll draw various shapes, Smiles, where you'll be drawing different kinds of smiley faces...

Number of plays: 73,402

Newly Added Games

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    Sir Isaac Newton supposedly came up with his gravity after being hit on the head with an apple (or so...

  • Way of an Idea 2 Thumbnail

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    Line Ball is a drawing game by the popular Flash game designer, Emanuele Feronato. This puzzle game features elegant graphics,...