Kids Games

With so many online and free games that are riddled with violence, and other themes that are not for kids, it's hard to pick a game that is safe and lovable for your child. Well, if that's a problem you are facing, worry NOT! is here to the rescue!

The top kids games you will find RIGHT here are the some of the best there is... and they are for adults also! Colorful, filled with themes that kids can relate to, and hone their drawing skills - these games will surely keep your child busy in a good and educational way.

Want a holiday themed drawing game where you need to help Santa Claus deliver the presents? Want a kid friendly drawing game where your child could give free reign to his imagination and draw whatever he wants in free play mode? What about designing roller coasters?

Sounds good? Yeah? I'm sure it does! What are you and your child waiting for? Check out the drawing and kids games RIGHT here and have fun.

Top Kids Games

Play Imagine Artist

#1: Imagine Artist


Imagine Artist is a kids' drawing game with two modes. In freeplay mode, you'll be able to draw and fill in a landscape as you please. There are four to choose from, of varying environments, and you'll be able to...

Number of plays: 162,728

Play Rollercoaster Creator

#2: Rollercoaster Creator


Pencil Racer series, Line Rider, Free Rider - we love these physics-based drawing games, don't we? Thanks to these drawing games, we get to experience what it's like to be a game developer (in some extent), create your own levels...

Number of plays: 116,794

Play Path to Presents

#3: Path to Presents


Path to Presents is a holiday-themed drawing game where you're controlling Santa. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to rack up as many points as you can while making it to the end of every level. There...

Number of plays: 49,890

Play onLine

#4: onLine


onLine, as it's called, is a drawing game where you'll have to get to the goal in each level unscathed. To do this, you'll need to use the pencil tool and draw a path from the start area, the yellow...

Number of plays: 39,405

Play Scribble States

#5: Scribble States


Scribble States is a drawing game that is excellent for students learning about the geography of the United States. This drawing game features fun banjo background music, simple controls, and customizable difficulty. Scribble States plays like a hybrid of activity book...

Number of plays: 15,196

Play Dupligon

#6: Dupligon


If you think you are the best polygon drawer in this side of the planet (or should I say this side of the internet?), then this challenge will put your skills to the test. A short BUT sweet brain teasing...

Number of plays: 13,987

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    Stunt Bike Draw is a motorcycle game with a twist; instead of directly controlling the motorcycle, you must draw surfaces...

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  • Scribble States Thumbnail

    Scribble States is a drawing game that is excellent for students learning about the geography of the United States. This...

  • Way of an Idea Thumbnail

    Sir Isaac Newton supposedly came up with his gravity after being hit on the head with an apple (or so...

  • Way of an Idea 2 Thumbnail

    Way of an Idea 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Way of an Idea. This drawing game features...

  • Little Spider Thumbnail

    Little Spider is a drawing game featuring cute graphics and simple controls. This version of Little Spider only features the...

  • Line Ball Thumbnail

    Line Ball is a drawing game by the popular Flash game designer, Emanuele Feronato. This puzzle game features elegant graphics,...