Adventure Games

Drawing based adventure games? Don't believe me? Right here at, you will find the best, the most popular, and most played drawing based adventure games in the planet!

Kid friendly, colorful, and comes with game play that's very interesting and absorbing - each of these drawing based adventure games will surely keep your boring afternoons filled with doses of 100 percent FUN!

Want to guide a character - a ball, to the right destination by drawing paths? What about defending your city against demons, flying dragons, and a host of other monsters by drawing your defenses?

Looking for something kid friendly? If you are, then maybe you want to create roller coaster tracks and make sure your coaster collects all of the coins in the process?

Or if you are on the hunt for something REALLY action packed, why not guide the straw hat samurai in a one man battle against the oppressors of the weak?

And if fun is what you are looking for, there's no need to look somewhere else. Just scroll down, pick a game you want, play, and have FUN for hours!

Top Adventure Games

Play Rollercoaster Creator

#1: Rollercoaster Creator


Pencil Racer series, Line Rider, Free Rider - we love these physics-based drawing games, don't we? Thanks to these drawing games, we get to experience what it's like to be a game developer (in some extent), create your own levels...

Number of plays: 116,526

Play Rainbow Roller 2

#2: Rainbow Roller 2


Rainbow Roller 2 is a drawing game that improves upon the original in almost every aspect. In it, and like the sequel, you'll be drawing paths for your character (a ball - choose from 4 different ones while creating a...

Number of plays: 69,513

Play Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL

#3: Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL


Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL is a drawing game where you'll have to defend your city until the bitter end. It will be overrun by demons, flying dragons, and a host of other monsters, so you'll have to be vigilant while...

Number of plays: 54,746

Play Straw Hat Samurai 2

#4: Straw Hat Samurai 2


If you loved Straw Hat Samurai, then you will go nuts with the sequel! The Samurai Jack look alike is back - beefed up with new moves, air combos, new enemies, new bosses...well, let\'s put it this way, this is...

Number of plays: 36,069

Play Boulder Basher 2

#5: Boulder Basher 2


Being a sequel, Boulder Basher 2 improves every gameplay aspect of the original Boulder Basher, while making some upgrades in the graphics department. In between rounds, you'll be able to purchase some new bonuses, too, making this drawing game much...

Number of plays: 28,671

Play Boulder Basher 3

#6: Boulder Basher 3


Boulder Basher 3 is the second sequel to the Boulder Bash series and is a huge improvement upon both previous games. In it, you'll have to defend your village from invading demons - again, except this time major graphical improvements...

Number of plays: 24,163

Play Straw Hat Samurai

#7: Straw Hat Samurai


Drawing games have been mostly associated with physics and puzzle solving. They are fun BUT They are NOT as action packed. Well, not this drawing game - Straw Hat Samurai is a fun game of drawing lines where you need...

Number of plays: 22,197

Play Castle Draw

#8: Castle Draw


Castle Draw - if you are on the hunt for drawing games that come with simple concepts BUT novel game play mechanics, this is a game you should check out! The objective is simple: draw the circles to form rocks...

Number of plays: 22,165

Play Sketch Quest

#9: Sketch Quest


Sketch Quest is a unique and artistic platforming game that incorporates elements of the drawing game genre. This drawing game features a variety of unique enemies, humorous sound effects, surrealist backgrounds, and automatic saving. The objective of Sketch Quest is to...

Number of plays: 14,315

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    Sir Isaac Newton supposedly came up with his gravity after being hit on the head with an apple (or so...

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    Line Ball is a drawing game by the popular Flash game designer, Emanuele Feronato. This puzzle game features elegant graphics,...