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Whoever said action and drawing games can't blend well together, obviously, hasn't visited! Why, right at this very page, you can treat yourself to a splendid collection of the best drawing based action games on the planet. YES, they are the BEST around - most popular, most played, and of course, the most fun of the bunch!

If the usual notion of action is getting boring for you - shooting zombies, turn based battles, etc., the games right here will give your boring afternoons a breath of fresh air. Not to mention they are adult and child friendly too!

Want to create and design your own racing levels and stages - put up paths, install ramps and obstacles, toss in power ups, and more? What about keeping a fluffy creature up in the air by drawing trampolines and lines along the way? Well, want to play as the straw hat samurai and slash your way through missions by drawing lines and dashes?

Yeah? Then this page is a haven for you! Our top drawing action games will no doubt keep the pure doses of fun flowing for the hours to come. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start playing!

Top Action Games

Play Free Rider 2

#1: Free Rider 2


Free Rider 2 is a sequel to the popular design-your-own drawing game Free Rider. In this sequel, you'll be able to draw and use stronger power ups, you'll be able to save and load tracks that other players have made,...

Number of plays: 195,306

Play Line Rider

#2: Line Rider


Strange enough, compelling, and unique - if you are on the hunt for drawing games that have those squeezed in one neat package, then Line Rider is a game you should check out! This drawing game was released initially over...

Number of plays: 53,476

Play Bouncy Draw

#3: Bouncy Draw


You'll start Bouncy Draw by clicking on the raccoon in the middle of the screen, immediately after that, you'll have to keep drawing lines that function as trampolines to keep him in the air. The aim of the game is...

Number of plays: 49,982

Play Pencil Racer 3: Drive It

#4: Pencil Racer 3: Drive It


Line Rider, Free Rider, Pencil Racer - if you loved these physics-based drawing games, if you are someone who likes to create your own level rather than to just play what's in front of you, then you will love Pencil...

Number of plays: 42,385

Play Magic Touch

#5: Magic Touch


Magic Touch is a game where you control a wizard to protect a castle - that's the game in a nutshell. Enemies will drop down from the top of the screen, trying to take the castle by air. It's up...

Number of plays: 39,063

Play Free Rider

#6: Free Rider


So you loved Line Rider, which is, without a doubt, one of the MORE addictive drawing games out there? Yeah? If that's the case then you will also love Free Rider. This drawing game is a refreshing take on BoĊĦtjan...

Number of plays: 37,292

Play Straw Hat Samurai 2

#7: Straw Hat Samurai 2


If you loved Straw Hat Samurai, then you will go nuts with the sequel! The Samurai Jack look alike is back - beefed up with new moves, air combos, new enemies, new bosses...well, let\'s put it this way, this is...

Number of plays: 36,162

Play Pencil Racer

#8: Pencil Racer


If you are familiar with games like Line Rider and Free Rider, if you love drawing games like the ones mentioned and are looking for new grounds to conquer, then Pencil Racer is yours for the taking. Continuing the standard...

Number of plays: 32,621

Play Solipskier

#9: Solipskier


Solipskier - this is a game where no 2 races are the same! You are the one who draws them after all. If you are looking for fast paced drawing games, this one from developers Mikengreg and Intuition Games is...

Number of plays: 29,028

Play Straw Hat Samurai

#10: Straw Hat Samurai


Drawing games have been mostly associated with physics and puzzle solving. They are fun BUT They are NOT as action packed. Well, not this drawing game - Straw Hat Samurai is a fun game of drawing lines where you need...

Number of plays: 22,308

Play Castle Draw

#11: Castle Draw


Castle Draw - if you are on the hunt for drawing games that come with simple concepts BUT novel game play mechanics, this is a game you should check out! The objective is simple: draw the circles to form rocks...

Number of plays: 22,260

Play Doodle Defender

#12: Doodle Defender


The pen is mightier than a sword... and it's mightier than an invading horde of aliens in Doodle Defender. No, you are not using a regular pen in this game. With this pen of yours, you will draw your space...

Number of plays: 21,078

Play Draw Race

#13: Draw Race


Draw Race is a unique game that combines the racing game and drawing game genres. This drawing game features realistic sound effects, cartoon graphics, and four tracks to race on. The objective of Draw Race is to win first place in...

Number of plays: 18,357

Play Pixus

#14: Pixus


Pixus is an interesting take on the drawing game genre. You'll start each level with a picture in front of you, and you'll have to destroy it as fast as possible. Some pictures only have a few different colors, while...

Number of plays: 18,184

Play Line Game: Lime Edition

#15: Line Game: Lime Edition


Line Game: Lime Edition is an avoidance game featuring simple graphics with bright colors, simple controls, and outstanding music. Line Game: Lime Edition is the third game in the Line Game series with improved visuals, better controls, and fourteen new...

Number of plays: 17,491

Play Orbol

#16: Orbol


Orbol is a drawing game that can be frustrating if you're not patient. Orbol, whom you guide, is a trying to reach the goal in every level (the spinning, round object). To help him, you can draw lines that he'll...

Number of plays: 16,894

Play Stunt Bike Draw 2

#17: Stunt Bike Draw 2


Stunt Bike Draw 2 is the sequel to the drawing game, Stunt Bike Draw. This motorcycle game features a more cartoonish and polished graphical style, an improved interface, and new objectives. The main objective of Stunt Bike Draw 2 is the...

Number of plays: 16,239

Play Sketch Quest

#18: Sketch Quest


Sketch Quest is a unique and artistic platforming game that incorporates elements of the drawing game genre. This drawing game features a variety of unique enemies, humorous sound effects, surrealist backgrounds, and automatic saving. The objective of Sketch Quest is to...

Number of plays: 14,393

Play Stunt Bike Draw

#19: Stunt Bike Draw


Stunt Bike Draw is a motorcycle game with a twist; instead of directly controlling the motorcycle, you must draw surfaces for the daredevil to drive over. This drawing game features respectable graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay. The objective of Stunt...

Number of plays: 14,135

Play Paint Wars

#20: Paint Wars


Paint Wars is a drawing game that is simple in concept but challenging to master. Paint Wars features simple controls, colorful graphics, and exciting gameplay. In Paint Wars, the object is to draw the shapes that are outlined on the screen....

Number of plays: 13,247

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