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So your mouse is working just fine? Then you can play Castle Draw. A good and responsive mouse is all you need to play this drawing game. Use your mouse to get your wizard moving and to draw rocks that will devastate those stick brained stick men who want to overthrow you from your castle. With the controls taken care of, let's take a closer look at the game...

Castle Draw Walkthrough

Castle Draw - if you are on the hunt for drawing games that come with simple concepts BUT novel game play mechanics, this is a game you should check out! The objective is simple: draw the circles to form rocks and once the rock is formed, it will rain down on the attacking enemies. That's not something you see everyday in the genre of drawing games.

The Story: The stick war has been raging for over a hundred years now. And the only one standing between your eradication and your survival is Castle Freakness... the castle you are in. With the Stickmen Alliance throwing everything at you... wanting to kill you to take the castle, you cannot afford to slow down in this game. You need to stop them from breaching the castle walls and throwing you down by creating rocks. There are 2 bars on the side of the screen - the energy bar, which shows you how much energy you have, as well as the power bar, which shows you how much power and impact your rock will make... or lack thereof. You need to keep your eyes on this part of the screen and make sure that every rock you throw down at them does what it's intended to do - to squash those stick men.

Taking on these stick men alone is next to impossible. BUT hey, you are not on it alone. You see, you have a force of mercenary dwarves coupled with other power ups that will provide you much needed aid for the defense of your castle. HOWEVER, do NOT abuse them. You need to use them wisely. Timing is everything in this game... fail that and you suffer the consequences!

A combination of tower defense and drawing games, Castle Draw is pretty fast paced... no slouching, not even on the very first stage. I quickly found myself battered and beaten when I underestimated the first level and took it easily. Don't make the same mistake or it will only be a matter of time before you will see your wizard's face splat on the screen. Nah, the rocks don't have to be perfectly shaped or beautiful. BUT they do have to be solid and powerful enough to smash those stick men.

Onto the castle walls!