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Bouncy Draw Instructions

Click on the raccoon to start the game and keep him in the air by drawing lines to bounce on. See how high you can get while avoiding clouds, rocks, passing birds, and a dragon with spikes in this drawing game.

Bouncy Draw Walkthrough

You'll start Bouncy Draw by clicking on the raccoon in the middle of the screen, immediately after that, you'll have to keep drawing lines that function as trampolines to keep him in the air. The aim of the game is to see how high you can get the raccoon, but there's one catch: just about everything in the game is out to get you. You'll come across only a few power ups and bonuses while almost everything else you touch will take away a hit point.

And you only have three hit points to start out with. There's also a giant dragon chasing you at the bottom of the screen, so if you fall too far down, you're bound to get hit and lose a hit point. If you're vigilant, you can keep the raccoon at the top of the screen by drawing tiny lines over and over again, but if you're not careful you can bounce the raccoon into an object that you can't see - the game screen only scrolls so fast.

After climbing for a while, you'll notice that there are green arrow and red arrows that you can pick up. The green arrows will give your raccoon a balloon, making him float up in the air faster, while the red arrows will take them away and make your raccoon sink to the bottom of the screen faster. There are also hearts that you can grab - each one will give you an extra hit point. Along the way, you'll run into clouds with spikes, which you shouldn't touch, and white clouds that you can bounce on - however, you can't fly through these clouds, so make sure you bounce around them instead of trying to move through them.

There are also some birds you'll have to avoid, but if you can bounce on them you'll gain extra points - so just be careful. After getting higher and higher in the game, the game will start to move along faster, so make sure you keep up. Bouncy Draw is a fun drawing game that takes patience, but it's one game worth playing.