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Bounce Ball Instructions

Click and drag your left mouse button to draw lines that serve as platforms - strategically place these to bounce your ball to the green goal in each level. Click on the Go button to start a level, and if you don't complete the level, hit the reset button to clear the screen and try again. You'll start with the highest score possible, and lose points as your ball bounces, so trying to bounce your ball to the goal with a minimal amount of bounces is ideal. If your ball bounces into a red line, you'll have to restart the level.

Bounce Ball Walkthrough

Bounce Ball may seem like a simple game at first, but it's quite complex - the physics aren't the easiest to get the hang of, and the green goal you have to reach is never easy, besides the first level.

You'll have to complete each level by drawing a series of platforms and ramps for your ball to bounce on. These platforms should lead the ball to the goal, but keep in mind that bouncing is the main form of movement - the ball won't roll at all, so there's no point in drawing complex ramps. Your best bet is to draw short, concise platforms that will get your ball to the goal - until you get to later levels.

Later levels will have red lines surrounding the goal - if your ball touches any of these red lines at any time, you'll have to restart the level and draw everything all over again; so testing out each part of a level before you try everything out can be a good strategy. Unless you're going for a highscore - the game scores you based on how bounces you make - so you'll start with the highest score possible, and then have each bounce be a negative point.

All in all, it makes for a fun drawing game that's not short on challenges in the least. If you think the early levels in Bounce Ball are difficult, just wait to you get to the later ones.