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Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL Instructions

Use your mouse to draw lines that will repel enemy boulders - as your mana charges, use spells to fend off demons and dragons to protect your village. Each boulder or fireball that strikes your village will inflict damage - use the money you gain to repair the buildings in between rounds, buildings that have collapsed won't be able to come back, so make sure you keep each building around as long as you can.

Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL Walkthrough

Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL is a drawing game where you'll have to defend your city until the bitter end. It will be overrun by demons, flying dragons, and a host of other monsters, so you'll have to be vigilant while you're playing, but it's not as difficult as it may sound. The game starts off with only demons attacking your town - they'll stay on cliffs, throwing boulders from afar - and it's up to you to draw magic lines that will repel these boulders, and, if possible, hit the demon that threw it.

You'll earn money for each demon you kill, and it takes about two boulder hits to kill a boulder-hurling demon. There are other demons that will start to appear, like demons that will walk up to your village to pillage it, but that's a special case. You'll have a spell you can use to destroy these demons: your first spell is the lightning spell, it takes twenty mana points, but it will destroy walking demons in one hit. You can also use it on demons that hurl boulders, but it will take about two or three hits to destroy them, and that's a lot of mana. As you gain more mana points, you'll unlock more spells, so sometimes saving your mana points can be a good thing.

As the game goes on you'll encounter flying dragons - you can either destroy these with spells, like your vortex spell (100 mana points), or you can reflect hurled boulders at them by drawing lines. One method is cheaper, but the other is quicker; dragon fire can be blocked with a drawn line, too.

All in all, Boulder Basher 3 SURVIVAL is fun at first, and then it's all chaos. Try and see how long you can keep your village alive while playing this drawing game - and remember, flying dragons are worth a lot of gold, so kill them as often as you can.