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Boulder Basher 3 Instructions

Use your mouse to upgrade and repair village buildings, cast spells to destroy enemies, and draw reflective lines to ricochet incoming boulders. Hitting enemies with their own boulders is the best way to make money; killing enemies will also recharge your mana so you'll be able to cast more spells.

Boulder Basher 3 Walkthrough

Boulder Basher 3 is the second sequel to the Boulder Bash series and is a huge improvement upon both previous games. In it, you'll have to defend your village from invading demons - again, except this time major graphical improvements have been made - but not only that.

You'll be defending the village of Stony Throw this time around, and it just can't seem to catch a break. Demons, dragons, and everything else wants to burn it to the ground, so you'll have to use your mouse and drawing skills to help it survive the oncoming horde.

At the start of the game, you'll only have a tiny sphere of influence, as the game calls it. You can only draw reflective lines in this portion, so it's important to kill as many enemies as you can so you'll be able to upgrade your village. Upgrading buildings costs money and takes time, but you'll be able to whenever you see a red flag pop up above a building. Click on it to make an upgrade, and every time you upgrade buildings, your sphere of influence will increase, expanding the map a little.

Making boulders ricochet is probably the main method when it comes to destroying enemy demons and dragons in this drawing game, but it's not the only one. Besides gaining money when destroying enemies, you'll also gain mana, and with more mana you'll be able to unlock and cast better spells. The first spell you'll get is the lightning spell, and you'll be able to destroy walking demons with it, but you can only cast spells in the sphere of your influence.

As you keep upgrading your village and increasing your sphere, you'll be able to cast spells on enemies that are in the hilltops - but more enemies will also start appearing. Keeping a good balance is ideal if you want to survive for the long haul, and it's important that you keep drawn lines in your sphere as often as possible. Repair damaged buildings by clicking on them, and even though it does cost money, it will keep you alive longer in this awesome drawing game.