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Boulder Basher 2 Instructions

Use and drag your left mouse button across the screen to draw lines that will reflect enemy projectiles - giants will hurl boulders, while wizards that occasionally appear will cast fireballs that can't be reflected. Reflect boulders back at enemies to destroy them; smaller lines will reflect projectiles much further than large, sweeping lines.

Boulder Basher 2 Walkthrough

Being a sequel, Boulder Basher 2 improves every gameplay aspect of the original Boulder Basher, while making some upgrades in the graphics department. In between rounds, you'll be able to purchase some new bonuses, too, making this drawing game much interesting than it originally was.

The objective of the game is to protect your village from boulder-hurling giants and spell-casting wizards at all costs. The only way you'll be able to defend it is by reflecting what's being thrown at the village - boulders. Drawing lines with the left mouse button over your village will reflect anything coming towards it, and if angled correctly, you'll be able to kill a few giants. Birds flying overhead are worth extra points when killed, while wizards are worth the most points in the game when killed.

In between rounds, instead of spending money, you'll be able to spend the kills you've made on upgrades. These upgrades range from spare catapults that will attack giants when you're not able to (they can be destroyed quite easily, though) or a force field that will protect your village from one or many boulders, depending on how many you buy.

Overall, Boulder Basher 2 offers solid gameplay, something to do when you're bored and huge improvements over the original drawing game. The bonuses you'll be able to purchase in between rounds make the actual game a lot easier, so try to rack up as many kills as you can before a round ends. Check it out and see just how long you can protect your village.