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Bomboozle Instructions

Click and drag your mouse to make a path - if you connect three or more of the same colored blobs, and let go of the left mouse button, they'll explode, and for every six blobs you blow up, you'll be given a bomb. Clicking the bomb will destroy surrounding blobs. There are also rainbow blobs; these are compatible with any other blob, so use them to bridge a gap between blobs and make a better combo.

Bomboozle Walkthrough

Bomboozle is a cross between most drawing games and Tetris. In each level, you'll be given a screen of blobs. To get rid of these blobs, and score points, you'll have to draw a line with your mouse and match at least three blobs, as said before. The more blobs you get with one single line, the more points you'll rack up, besides getting a bonus bomb blob.

There are three different modes of play - infinite mode, timed mode, and skull mode. In infinite mode, there aren't any special difficulties, and you'll be able to play for as long as you want to. Aim for a high score in this mode, and when you're ready, try out skull mode or timed mode. Timed mode gives you a time limit to work with, so you'll be trying to get rid of blobs quickly, rather than racking up huge combos, and in skull mode, you'll have to deal with skull blobs that can only be destroyed by bombs. If you run out of usable combos in skull mode, you'll lose.

Bomboozle will have you thinking and drawing on your feet as fast as you can - if you're playing on timed mode. Infinite mode is fun to play if you've never played before, and skull mode provides a good challenge if you think you're particularly good at the game. More challenging than Tetris and more fun than most drawing games, Bomboozle is a game you'll be playing for quite a while.

If you're playing in timed mode, don't go after big combos unless you can immediately spot them. It takes a bit longer to find them instead of just getting rid of three blobs at a time, so only draw short, concise lines as you're playing.