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Play Sketch2


Sequel to the original Sketch, Sketch2 takes the concept of the first game and makes it much more complex. Instead of just...

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  • Play Imagine Artist

    Imagine Artist


    Imagine Artist is a kids' drawing game with two modes....

  • Play Solipskier



    Solipskier - this is a game where no 2 races...

  • Play Rainbow Roller 2

    Rainbow Roller 2


    Rainbow Roller 2 is a drawing game that improves upon...

  • Play Free Rider 2

    Free Rider 2


    Free Rider 2 is a sequel to the popular design-your-own...

  • Play Linx



    Linx is a hybrid of puzzle game and drawing game....

  • Play Straw Hat Samurai

    Straw Hat Samurai


    Drawing games have been mostly associated with physics and puzzle...

  • Play Saucer Panic

    Saucer Panic


    Saucer Panic is game that starts out easy enough, but...

  • Play Boulder Basher 2

    Boulder Basher 2


    Being a sequel, Boulder Basher 2 improves every gameplay aspect...

  • Play Incredibots



    Drawing games and physics based webtoys - if you are...

  • Play Clone Chaos

    Clone Chaos


    Clone Chaos is an addicting and colorful drawing game. This...

  • Play Orbol



    Orbol is a drawing game that can be frustrating if...

  • Play The Sketcher

    The Sketcher


    The Sketcher is a simple and addictive drawing game that...

  • Play Chopix Adventures

    Chopix Adventures


    Chopix Adventures is a fun game that combines skating, aliens,...

  • Play Sugar, Sugar

    Sugar, Sugar


    Sugar - it can be called many different names. We...

  • Play Colour Bugs

    Colour Bugs


    Colour Bugs is a hectic, unique type of drawing game....

  • Play Scriball



    Scriball is an interesting take on the drawing game genre....

  • Play Pixus



    Pixus is an interesting take on the drawing game genre....

  • Play Stunt Bike Draw 2

    Stunt Bike Draw 2


    Stunt Bike Draw 2 is the sequel to the drawing...

  • Play Boulder Basher 3

    Boulder Basher 3


    Boulder Basher 3 is the second sequel to the Boulder...

  • Play Scribble



    Scribble is a colorful and artistic drawing game. This puzzle...

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  • The Sketcher Thumbnail

    The Sketcher is a simple and addictive drawing game that tests hand-eye coordination. This drawing game features a variety of...

  • Stunt Bike Draw Thumbnail

    Stunt Bike Draw is a motorcycle game with a twist; instead of directly controlling the motorcycle, you must draw surfaces...

  • Stunt Bike Draw 2 Thumbnail

    Stunt Bike Draw 2 is the sequel to the drawing game, Stunt Bike Draw. This motorcycle game features a more...

  • Scribble States Thumbnail

    Scribble States is a drawing game that is excellent for students learning about the geography of the United States. This...

  • Way of an Idea Thumbnail

    Sir Isaac Newton supposedly came up with his gravity after being hit on the head with an apple (or so...

  • Way of an Idea 2 Thumbnail

    Way of an Idea 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Way of an Idea. This drawing game features...

  • Little Spider Thumbnail

    Little Spider is a drawing game featuring cute graphics and simple controls. This version of Little Spider only features the...

  • Line Ball Thumbnail

    Line Ball is a drawing game by the popular Flash game designer, Emanuele Feronato. This puzzle game features elegant graphics,...

Drawing Games Online

Welcome to DrawingGamesOnline.org! We aim to collect the top online drawing games here.

There's something about drawing games online - sketching shapes, faces, smileys, etc. On its own, there's nothing really spectacular about it. BUT add the fact that you have to draw using your mouse (which is challenging) and that you are doing it in a quest for a high score worth posting on the global scoreboard, it's NOT surprising why adults and kids alike love playing sketching games.

And here at DrawingGamesOnline.org, you will NEVER run out of drawing style games to play. From games that require you to just draw what you are told to, those where you need to let your creativity out and use your drawing to move a ball to the other side, and those painting and coloring games where fast and steady hands rule, you'll find it at DrawingGamesOnline.org!

Here's something to make the whole affair even better: score high enough and you get to post your points on the scoreboard for everyone to see! Not to mention you can earn awards and badges here at DrawingGamesOnline.org!

And to top it all off, it's FOR FREE! Signing up here at DrawingGamesOnline.org won't cost you a dime. Check out some of the goodies waiting for you...

Good And Old "Draw What You See" Drawing Games

Drawing games at their purest form! You will find it here. Sketch 2 is one of these 'pure' memory games that have made it to the top 10 list and for very good reason. Coming with 24 levels that get harder as you progress, this game will surely keep you busy and sketching for the hours to come. If you can finish a complete picture in this game, you can finish the whole game!

It takes a lot of patience since you also need to color those images. Well, all the better! That makes Sketch 2 even more satisfying.

Unique Drawing Games With A Touch Of Something Else!

There are drawing Flash games online where painting images is a means to the end rather than the whole point of the game itself. These sorts are the MOST interesting and one of them is Bounce Ball. Simple at first glance BUT it's actually complex. You need to draw simple and concise platforms and ramps that the bouncing ball can bounce on and to the goal.

And that's just one of the unique games we have to offer!

Simple Enough For Kids To Play!

Want a drawing game that your 4 year old can enjoy? We have those too! And your best bet is to check out aMaze - this is a drawing game online whose mechanics are so easy to pick up, your child would understand how to play within seconds. The idea? Draw a line from start to finish. BUT remember, there are obstacles you must not bump into or it can spell GAME OVER for you!

Whoever thought drawing games are not enjoyable definitely has NOT been on DrawingGamesOnline.org! Sign up and give one of our games a shot and you will see what fun means.